Monday, July 16, 2007


Illustrations! All for fun, so far none for profit.
Except the ones my friends have bought prints of.

From the photography of Brian Lio.

There was a time when I illustrated little else besides robots.


From my days of looking at nothing but Shaolin temples.

The template for building decoration on my family farm.

These boots were made for kicking.

Curly Brace, of Dokutsu Monogatari.

Quote, of Dokutsu Monogatari.

The wily and elusive Bumble Bear.

Show me... pensive.

Proper Rugby can only be played with a proper mustache.


The often imitated, never intimidated, Brittney F*ing Lee.

Joe ninja, as stylish as ever.



Tokyo for beginners.

The birds are after your children!

Formality is next to cleanliness.

My college roommate RJ?


Ralph Bean said...

Lewk and Lindsay made shirts of me smoking.

Bill Robinson said...

The bird flu one is AWESOME.

Charles said...

I'm diggin' the Bumble Bear.