Tuesday, July 17, 2007

sketchbook: europe!

So, these are some of the sketches I did for my girlfriend as an anniversary present, from our whirlwind tour of western Europe. I've taken some... artistic license with the landscapes. I'm not certain how many jobs this collection will land me, but I'm hoping for at least a few "awww"s from my readers (I'm looking at you, Brittney Lee).

Paris ala Akira. Drawn during a 9 hour layover.

Mont St. Michel. Holy crap?

Perigeux, where fun goes to die. Fantastic duck though.

Vernazza of the Cinque Terre. It is just really... really nice being there.

Greve, where they make the strong stuff.

Florence, home to the David and the David's surprisingly inferior copy.

Venice, an inspiration for Enrico Casarosa and civil engineers alike.

Caerphilly Castle. It's Welsh!


Ralph Bean said...

Absolutely fantastic! :)

Used-to-be-paris is my desktop at school now.

Tasha said...

Good post.